Tuesday, August 30, 2005

.::. Going somewhere? .::.

Driving a long down interstate seventy-seven on my way to work, it was like any other normal day. I was looking forward to getting into work to check out and some the new leaked auto photos. I knew I had to avoid my boss this morning too. It was already 8:24 I was a half an hour late. I forgot to fill up my coffee mug before I left. All of these semi-meaningless nuances that add up to one big nuance which is what I had to do when I got to my destination. But wait, is it not common in the twenty-first ultra-fast century that we live in today all about. The destination. The finish, the next step seeing the big picture? If not I'll give you another example of what I'm convening to you. While driving somewhere and running late thoughts become focused on the destination. You stop paying attention to where you are start paying attention to where you are going. Is it not easy to fall into this trap?

Fast-forward thirty-five seconds after that brief lapse of enlightenment and you begin to remember where you are. You focus on your surroundings. Your driving in a neighborhood, you recognize the road but nothing in particular it's just the back way home you take when it is nice out. Then a small child four or five years of age runs into his driveway and trips. You see the child cry it out for help because of the stinging and sight of blood. The mother runs out and picks up the child. She puts a small pad with alcohol on it and dabs it on the burn. The child screams again, but the mother just reassures the child with a pat on the head.

Fast-forward thirty-five seconds the mother and child are out of site and you suddenly realize how much activity is going on in this small, familiar neighborhood. There's a man yelling at his wife from the lawn mower. A mail man struggling with a package. All of these things are happening in the present that you are missing out on. All because you are paying to much attention to the future. After observing these events and pondering them for short time I decided that:

It is more important to pay attention to where you are,
and remember where you are going,
then it is to pay attention to where you are going,
and remember where you are.

Maybe that seems obvious to you, or maybe it does not even click to you, but maybe just maybe it makes perfect sense. And maybe you just think to your self about where you are, and slowing things down just a bit. We all have places to go and deadlines to meet, but maybe we can all remember that we have been there before and just slow things down and start paying attention to where we are instead of where we are going.


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