Friday, November 18, 2005

.::. Final Days .::.

Two days ago,
We met with open arms
Embraced in Loving charm
Strolled through the pines
An insightful time
Two days ago,
The moment came to part
I knew we would grow apart
Sure as twilight strikes
Leaves our afternoon delight
These are our Final Days
Blown Away
Left to torment heart & soul
Love lost in a burning coal
Smoke filled memories
Of what is left to be...
Our Final Days
Of you and me

I awoke in this pain
Holding you in vain
Leaving me alone and empty
Forced to drink the bottle uprightly
Blinded in a haze
Stared at the fone in daze
It's done again
I'm alone without being sane
These are my Final Days
Thrown Away
Left to forget my heart & soul
Love smoldered in an extinguished coal
Washing away my memories
Of what will never be...
My Final Days
Without you Loving Me

This poem goes out to you, you know who you are.


Blogger KelsKausesKhaos said...

Wow, you have amazing poems.. =]

Saturday, February 14, 2009  

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