Friday, December 02, 2005

.::. Suicide .::.

Depression, whether chemical or situational, can lead one down a very dark and lonely path of apathy, self hate and lack of inspiration. When it gets bad, and I don't mean just laying around feeling sorry for your self. But when it gets real bad you start to see things dying instead of living. As if looking through the world with cursed eyes that see lives fade away. You get to that breaking point when you start to invision different ways to go. By a gun, by a car, by an injection or pills. It doesn't matter their are millions of ways to take your own life. I have been on that edge many times in life, it's part of me I've seen death. But I'm still here. Probably only because of the loving support of my family, because without them I don't think I would of made it.

A friend of the families recently decided to take his own life. It has caused tsunami sized waves of destructive emotions throughout his family, friends, co-workers and more. He was a well respected, and much loved man that unfortunately chose a very painful way out. I know many of you have been to that edge and back, and I know it hurts. But remember, if you ever feel that way think long and hard about the many many people you will hurt. Call somebody, anybody. Go to the hospital and talk to someone if you have to, just remember to never make rash decisions because we all Love you.


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